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A unique Outcomes based IR35 Compliant Advisory

We are a Transformation and Change Advisory Group that have been business for over 25 years.  In short, we advise , support and/or project manage transformations.
We are a unique Business, Digital and IT Transformation and change advisory.  Three decades in business and having worked with and for the world’s largest consultancy and directly for clients across injury we deliver our services via a unique model ‘Co-Sourcing’.
WE will work with clients to develop the case for transformation and change. Work with your business leaders to understand the drivers for change, check your readiness for the change to come and understand the disruption and impacts.  We offer detailed research, analytics and our wealth of experience and data.  However, we do this through a unique model called Co sourcing.  The best of using your own resources, our expertise and any contract resources or service providers you may use.  WE are about delivering sustainable programmes where customers can take ownership of the programme lean on our expertise when needed  but the aim is to embed expertise and training so that the customer becomes self sufficient not dependant on consultants.

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